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personal training


Whether the whole “class” thing isn’t for you or you’re looking for a more tailored program, we’ve got you covered. The key is pairing you with a trainer that can meet your program and schedule needs. We have an entire staff of personal trainers dedicated to helping you meet your goals. To get started speak to a trainer to schedule yours today.


we use food to live. We don’t live for food

Each person’s nutritional needs are unique. While we strongly encourage a diet rich in vegetables, meat, fruit, nuts and seeds, we are aware that each individual might respond to the same prescription in a different way. Some might find better results when focusing on quality of food rather than quantity, while others might need to weigh and measure every ounce of food they put in their bodies. We believe that personal attention with specific guidelines tailored to individual goals is the best way to help each everyone reach their full physical potential. Whether you are looking to eat for weight loss, gain, performance, or general health, we can help!


We offer FREE child room during the following days/times

We do not have current coverage however you are welcome to check out the room and see if you are comfortable with them hanging out by themselves.  It has open access to the workout area so can easily be checked on throughout your session.


M T W F : 9:00-1:00pm | 5:00-7:00pm

Saturdays : 9:00-10:00am

body analyzer


Schedule an appointment to find out what you’re made of with a quick and easy scan to obtain your segmental body composition of water, muscle and body fat ratios. With this information available, athletes are able to gauge the effectiveness of their diet and exercise programs. You’ll walk away knowing your percentage of lean muscle mass, and find what a healthy body fat percentage would be for you. This is a great option for someone looking to change their body composition and can get an accurate starting point, as well as gauge their progress, moving forward.

1 Year Membership Upfront $180

Monthly Membership (AutoPay) $17/mo

Drop-In Scan $25/ea

rehabilitation and recovery

After an injury, the right exercise can get you moving again.

You injured your back trying to pick up both the kids and the groceries. Or you tried to make that par 4 into a par 3 and swung your driver a bit too hard. However you’ve hurt yourself, staying off your feet to recuperate has made the affected area stiff and sore. Chronic pain has a way of feeding into itself and keeping you from doing the very thing that will help the pain go away.

When a joint anywhere in the body becomes misaligned (out of its normal position) or restricted, then the entire joint and anything connected to it suffers. Immobility is just one issue that can occur, because inflammation is often the root cause of other health problems.

At Human Performance Lab, we use functional exercise to get your sore joint (and you!) moving again. Using specific and purposeful rehabilitative exercises and gently get the injured muscles and joints back to normal so they can start functioning properly. We’ll also help reduce the inflammation, and get you pain relief.

Come to our Human Performance Lab and let us show you how our functional exercise program releases stiff joints and gets you moving again.

Injury Evaluation/Movement Assessment

A biomechanical clinical assessment to discover the root cause of injury or pain and therapy plan to help restore movement and alleviate pain.

Trigger Point Therapy

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM). IASTM treatment utilizes a tool to break up scar tissue at an injury site to trigger a focal inflammatory response. This inflammation leads to the absorption of scar tissue and the production of new collagen to repair the injury site. Combined with proper movement, stretching, and therapy, the body restores normal tissue structure and function. The effects of IASTM include pain relief, increased flexibility, increased strength, enhanced recovery, and in most cases resolution of symptoms.

IASTM (similar to Graston)

 Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization.  Is not aggressive and does not cause excessive bruising.  Is a form of myofascial release designed to release trigger points, restore proper musculoskeletal movement and enhance healing of injuries. 

PNF Stretching

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation is a method of stretching to maximize flexibility by “tricking” the nervous system.

Therapeutic Ex

One on one exercises to treat muscle imbalances using body weight or small dumbbells and resistance bands.

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