As I reflect on the last two years that I have been part of the Kilo family there are many things that come to mind. When I began this journey I must say that it was never easy but I always told myself that the possibility of being physically and emotionally healthy was a possibility. I spent many years making poor health decisions but a friend of mine encouraged me to get involved and commit to change. I always told myself that the two most important things were to show up and it only hurt on the outside . But so much more happened on this journey. I made friends that encouraged me, I accepted my limitations and learned how to push the envelope, I became very conscientious about my diet. I have learned the joys and benefits of the physical and emotional experience of exercising. It has become a non negotiable lifestyle for me. I never go to compete against others but I compete with myself and explore the possibilities of a healthy lifestyle for a 45 year old man. It has been rewarding in so many ways. Today I can say that I am healthier and happier than I have been in many years. It has not come without the price of commitment that needs to be made but I would encourage anyone that is ready to take that first step to do it. And if you need a workout buddy you can count on me. Live life and push the possibilities. You can do it.

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