SUX Fitness Rehab is not only a building with weights, boxes, bars, etc. That is obviously necessary to get the work done. However, it’s the people there (coaches, people I work out with, etc.) that have been a huge part of helping me become a better person physically, mentally and spiritually. I started when the Women’s S&C group began on Viking because I was in the right place at the right time. I was there watching my daughter at one of her first XL sessions with Travis to see what it was all about. While sitting in the corner, trying to be inconspicuous, Amy Lynch approached me and told about the women’s group starting the following Monday. At that point I had nothing to lose but pounds. I’m guessing I weighed 160+ (with a high BMI), had bad eating habits and was beginning to not see an end in sight. However, something intrigued me about it. I think it was mostly gaining healthy friendships. SO, on the following Monday I got my butt to the gym. Immediately, I felt like I wanted to be a part of whatever this Kilo thing was all about. It took me 4-6 weeks of going 4 times a week to lose 1-2 pounds but then I started to see physical changes quickly. However, most importantly, I was gaining, what I still feel today, life-long friendships with a group of wonderful women and was becoming mentally stronger and developing better habits in my life. I have lost pounds and inches, and can do some of the CrossFit movements, but gained so much more in amazing friendships, confidence in what I can do physically and mentally (not only while working out but just dealing with life’s challenges), and being able to be the person that I was designed to be in my “later years” (UGH) in life! I am not afraid to try new things and am feeling great! I now know what it feels like to have a ton of energy, feel alert and live in the moment while living a healthy lifestyle that I am not willing to sacrifice again..All thanks to the awesome Kilo team and members that have been a great example, supported and have encouraged me the entire way!

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