I spent the better part of last summer on crutches as a result of a ski jump, some “good friends” and a small amount of peer pressure. Let’s just say I had 12 weeks to “reflect” while my entire hamstring was healing after being 100% torn, then surgically reattached to my ishium. I’m fairly certain that without having done CrossFit for 4 years at that time, I don’t think I would have had the confidence to get pulled over that jump (so I guess I can blame Armand, somehow). I was way out of my comfort zone as I only waterski once a year or less. But now, being out of my comfort zone was the norm. However, I have absolutely no doubt the base I had built before my injury gave me the ability to rest for 12 weeks without losing a ton of muscle mass. I know I had some atrophy (I lost about 10 pounds), but feel like all the work I had done in the previous years set me ahead of schedule from day one. I think the most important part of my recovery was the fact that I was pissed that I had to rest that long and couldn’t wait to get back. I felt like I was just wasting all the work I had put in the previous years and now that I couldn’t do it, I missed it more than I ever thought I would. Just to be clear, I am a pretty average guy, but now that regular lifting, CrossFit workouts, and BSing with good friends at the buttcrack of dawn were part of my routine, I was not willing to give that up. Prior to The Gym, my mindset would have been to milk that injury for all its worth. I bet I could have pulled off 12 months of “sit on my ass” excuses while I waited to get better. Instead, I was nearly full strength 3 months after I ditched the crutches. My excellent surgeon, Dr. Todd Johnston, predicted a 12 month recovery. I learned a tough lesson last summer, but it is pretty cool to know that as I recovered and am approaching 40, I am stronger than I ever have been in my life, not afraid to try new things, and can still outrun, but not outski, my teenage kids.

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